Day 10: Cherry on top.

Happy Wednesday! The week is already half over! Weeee. Tonight I get to watch Dateline: A Royal Love Story, and a new Law & Order: SVU. I’m pretty pumped for TV tonight. Even though my childhood and teenage dreams of  marrying Prince William and becoming a princess are now officially shattered, I’m super excited to watch all the excitement coming up, surrounding the royal wedding next year. Kate Middleton is such a classy lady and I love that William gave her Princess Diana’s engagement ring. Very special and very sweet. Anyone else pumped to watch all the excitement? Surely, most ladies my age are.

I have all kinds of designs and ideas looming in my head today for various sewing projects. I started jotting them down on a notepad that I have here. I really wish I had time to work on these things when I get these surges of motivation and creativity. But, it almost ALWAYS happens while I’m at work in the middle of the afternoon.  And I can’t very well get up and go sew. Maybe someday…. Hopefully, the surge lasts long enough for me to get home in about 4 hours and get to it. We shall see.

I Love the red top I’m wearing today. I had never worn it before, and It was added to my remix pieces late. I actually switched a pair of flats out for it. And, I may be making 2 more switches of items I have not yet worn, and likely will not. Will update that tonight. I made a few poor choices and I am seeing that now. I guess I’m not cut out for this. But, I’m going to make a switch or 2 tonight and keep trucking through it. Because, really I am having fun with it.

Top: Forever 21

Skinny jeans: Old Navy

Boots: Express


  1. chai am woman

    i love that top, too. good choice switching it in the rotation. gotta be honest, i’ve been thinking about swapping a few items i haven’t worn yet either… it makes me feel better thinking about it knowing that someone else is, too. today i was like “WHY did i choose that?” maybe i can blame it on prego brain.

  2. Linley

    ahh. (i literally just verbalized that word/noise/sound… whatever it is.) love this look, it’s simple and interesting. and the color combo is wonderful. i love red.

  3. Jess

    I used to dream of marrying Prince William when I was younger. He is so dreamy. And I love that he gave Kate Middleton his mother’s ring. So sweet. She will make a great princess.

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