Week in iPhone #15

I realize how incredibly absent I have been. I wish I were a better everyday blogger. But, I am not. Here is a little iPhone photo update of my last couple weeks.


Just before moving, I started working a new bag line for the fall. The last few weeks have been spent packing, cleaning, developing new bags, and babysitting. There was a little fun int here too, of course…

The above photos are a mish-mash and in no order at all. Working on my favorite bag in the new line with a homemade iced coffee at my side :). My new work space in my new house! A Love Letter for an amazing lady. Lots of thread! My gorgeous nephew, Truman rockin his hat to the back. Cleaning out my work space, found a good chunk of bent pins. Someone on instagram commented that it was a sign of hard work. That made me feel better, I thought I just had issues. Getting my hair did. Relaxing after some serious packing and saying goodbye to a really great bedroom!

Well, I’m mostly settled here in my new place, so I will be more regular here on the blog. AND, I have a lot of fun, exciting things coming up! Like a NEW bag line. Hope you haven’t forgotten about me. <3


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