All of the STRIPES!

I recently did a bit of treasure hunting and collecting and have compiled a bit of spread of some GORGEOUS and stylish bloggers rockin’ their striped zipper clutches! It’s definitely my most popular bag, and my favorite. It goes with everything! Check out these lovelies and how they have styled theirs…

Juley of Swank Heights.

 I Love Juley’s outfit photos. I feel like I’m looking at my bag in an ACTUAL fashion spread.

Home girl has some serious style.


See more herehere, and here!


Stephanie of Mrs. Stephanie T., Mandy of Harper’s Happenings, and Elsie of A Beautiful Mess.


Such an honor to see these ladies carrying my bag. A couple of my favorite and inspired by bloggers.

See more of Stephanie looking adorable (red jeans and stripes? prefect) here.

See more of Mandy sporting her bag in one of  her Steppin’ Out Saturday post here!

See more of Elsie with her bag in her Daily outfit post titled Red Velvet (!) here.

I so hope I get to do more posts like this. I Love stumbling upon outfit posts that happen to feature a pretty little bag that I remember putting together. I get all warm and fuzzy.

If you have any pics of you carrying your itsKrust bags, please send them my way!


I copied this outfit from Pinterest.

So, I started a new job on Monday. I needed to find something and I’m glad I did. Probably just in the nick of time, too. While I would love to continue to work on my bags full-time, I am not yet profitable enough yet to do so. Obviously, there are bills to be paid, and I like heat, showers, food, and a roof. Oh, and my gym membership! The job I took is fairly part time, so I am OF COURSE, keeping the shop going. Full steam ahead, in fact.

I hope to really ramp things up this year with my shop, even with the job. I’d like to continue to work toward making my passion for sewing and creating my career. I’m more motivated than ever now, actually.  Especially since I had started working on new bags in the last couple months. I am redesigning things and adding new materials and hardware in this larger line. There are more diverse styles (clutches, hobo bags, shoulder bags, and weekenders!) Something for everyone, I hope.

As of now I only have 4 out 16 bags fully completed. With a good amount of prep work done for the next batch of 6. So, I am shooting for a mid-April launch, but maybe I’ll shoot for April 1st, and just release the line gradually… I might go with that. Because, really it’s hard to have the ones done sitting here looking pretty. I really just want to show them off! I’ll share a little peek this weekend.

Back to work. Back to actual outfits everyday. I think I missed having somewhere to really get dressed for.

Shoulder bag by me! My new favorite EVERYTHING bag.

If you haven’t yet, you should check out the SHOP.

I’m quite pleased with how it is looking. Still more to work on, though!

Mini face lift.

I replaced some of the photos in the shop with some new, shiny, updated photos I have started taking here at the new house. I have a great wall to work with and some lovely daylight. This house get great light! Check out the shop, everything looks so much prettier… At least, I think so.

AND I have a special for everyone!

I want to get pictures of a few more bags that I do not currently have in my inventory. I am going to mark down one of each of the styles I want to re photograph. So, I can snap a photo before I send it it out to you! So, get to the shop to what’s on sale quick and snag up a discounted bag…

Shop NOW!

I’m still here.

On January 2nd, I embarked on a bit of a shaping up expedition. As of yesterday morning, I am down 15 pounds since January 2nd! Party. I have been having a lot of fun with my best friends, sweating it out to get in shape physically and working together to eat healthier. That’s it, no fancy diets. Just plain eating better and regular work outs with my pals. Shit works. Who knew? 😉 I Love my gym, and the classes it offers. I have a lot of motivators right now (including a forbidden gym crush) and I’m just trying to ride it out as long as it takes me.  And hope that the motivation continues long enough to just become the lifestyle change I’ve needed for a while. I am really proud of myself for getting to where I am so quickly.

At the beginning of this year, I also started to work on new bag designs for my Etsy shop. It’s taken longer than I would have hoped, but I’m really happy with whats coming out of the design process this time. Things are evolving really nicely I feel like. I can see my skills growing. I have even decided to sort of fully revamp the whole Etsy shop, and eventually the blog here a bit too. It’s exciting to work on new things. I can’t wait to get all the work needed to be done so I can share everything I want to for Spring!


My sew space, today.

Just a quick post to show you all my current work space, because I haven’t shared it since the move.

I have a great work area in our downstairs family room. My sister in law both have our desks along the main wall, and separating our 2 desks is a filing cabinet with our TV on it. It’s a pretty great set up. This is just my half of the wall. I’m really happy with my desk. The only thing that would make my work space better… it a counter height, kitchen island of sorts. Something with a heat resistant surface. I really miss my Granite kitchen bar from the apartment. It was an amazing work table, and I could iron right on it!


New Holiday bags are in!

If you didn’t already see them last week, here they are!

I added eight new simple, yet glamorous evening/ cocktail clutches to the shop. I made these for a Holiday shopping boutique I attended a couple weeks ago, and thought I’d offer them up to everyone.

These are a bit smaller that my usual over sized clutches, but I can make them in any size requested. :)


The Lacey’s:


Lace in Grey, BlackFuchsia, and Dark Teal. And a mesh lace in Gold!


Textured Shimmers:

Tiered Hearts, Grey Scales, and Waves.


Check them all out in the Shop. Place your Holiday orders! Drop me a message for custom requests.

Guys, it’s FRIDAY!!!


I can’t believe Friday is actually here!!! I thought this week was going to dragggg. BUT, it flew. And tonight, Lisa is picking me up after dinner and we are making the 6 hour drive to Sunny Anaheim, CA for 2 glorious days in DISNEYLAND! Yes. I’m so ready. I haven’t been in about 5 years and I miss it. I hope Lisa can handle my tears, because as soon as I hit Main Street USA in the evening and it’s all lit up, I cry. Every time without fail, I tear up. It makes me so happy to be in that place. It really is the happiest place on earth. Is it 8 yet? I’m ready to hit the road.

This week has been great. I Love having something BIG to look forward to. I got a good amount of work done this week. I kept myself fairly busy.I Love when life gets exciting and fast paced. Running around to get everything set. Packing, errands, what not. The good stress, the build up to something awesome, I Love it. I Love even more that, that part is over and now it’s almost time to leave.

I might just be talking crazy now… So, I apologize. I will be back Monday, hopefully with a collection of pictures with Disneyland covered in Halloween decor!

Top: Forever 21 (supposed to be a dress…? I have about 4 inches folded up only. I wish Forever 21 realized that not everyone is short!!!! Make things longer, people can hem them if needed, right? )

Jeans: Vigoss

Scarf: Forever 21

Flats: BDG via Urban Outfitters


Things I can’t wait to do in Disneyland: Walk down Main Street! Look for a few hidden Mickeys, Ride Indiana Jones!!!! See CAPTAIN EO (never seen it) Ride the new Star Tours, ride Halloween themed Space Mountain, and Haunted Mansion, All the Fantasyland rides, especially Mr. Toads Wild Ride, Go on Tower of Terror like 10 times in a row. Wave hello to Pirates of the Carribean (Sadly, it will be closed this weekend, but we won’t let it get us down!!!!). There is so much more I want to do, OBVIOUSLY. Those are just my high priorities :)

Have you ever been to Disneyland?! What’s your favorite part about it?

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